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The Bronze Package
The Bronze Package includes up to a thirty-minute interview including an introductory title and music, and five images. $399.00
The Silver Package
The Silver Package includes up to a one-hour interview including introductory music and up to ten images.  $599.00
The Gold Package

The Gold Package includes up to a 90-minute interview with music throughout, and photos. Your personal website will also include a gallery of the photos, video clips, documents, titles, and a link to your Ancestry family tree (If you have one) for $1,199.00  
The Platinum Package
Meeting Me will come to your home and spend an entire day with you. Included in the sit-down video will be a walk around your home as you tell us about your life.  Your video will include video clips, home movies, family photos, and music of your choice. $4,499
The Diamond Package
The Diamond Package is the top-of-the-line offering from Meeting Me. The Diamond Package will mirror a 20/20 segment that will be host-driven.  Meeting Me's crew will interview at your home or any place you desire.   In this package, you may choose three locations that you want to be featured in. Perhaps at your home, your boat, or any place within 50 miles of your home. This package contains up to 25 photos, and up to ten minutes of video provided by you or your family, childhood, work, etc. Meeting Me will deliver to you a one-hour comprehensive professional video and your own website.  A truly unique tribute to you and a memorable keepsake for your family for generations to come.  $29,999
Contact us at to book a session.
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